Daman and Diu is one of the union territory of India. For more than 450 years, this place was under the rule of Portuguese. This union territory came into existence on 30th May, 1987. There are two name which are joined together, i.e. Daman and Diu. These both districts are having the distance of 198 km from each other. Earlier Daman is known as Damao. The location of this city is very beautiful, which is around the Arabian Sea. It is the beautiful picturesque spot. Mostly all ‘Daman and Diu tourist places’ are pretty interesting. Mostly people living there speaks Hindi, Gujarati and English, but some of the local people speaks Portuguese. There are many festivals celebrated to promote ‘Daman tourism’ as well as ‘Diu tourism’. Places to visit in Daman and Diu are:


Bom Jesus Church is located in Daman. It is one of the religious monument of Catholics. The construction of this church was started in 1559 AD but was completed in 1603 AD. The design of that church, is totally stunning. The architectural designs of the church, are done with the fine carvings. Roman style of architecture is used for the designing. It is the main heritage site of Daman. The gates of this church are made with some different style of carvings. All over this is beautiful place of Daman tourism.


The beaches of Daman are very smooth, with white sand all around. It is situated in the south of Daman. Here you can spend your time with calmness, with the company of nature and also with friends and family. The scenic beauty of that beach is very beautiful. You can take the sun bath here and also can relax. Best ‘tourist place in Daman and Diu for the picnic with friends and family. Camel ride can also be enjoyed there.


Fort Jerome is also known as Nani Daman Fort. It is situated on the north bank of Damanganga River. It is the huge fort of Daman. The name of this fort is kept after St. Jerome. If you want to see the Portuguese style of architecture, then there is the church near to it named as Our Lady of the Sea. This fort is around 3-4 centuries old, then also the cracks on the wall are there, but the fort is rough and tough that no signs of breakage are there. It is the perfect tourist place in Daman and Diu, for the signs of Portuguese.


Nagoa beach is located in Diu, near Bucharwada village. This beach is semi-circle in it shape like the horse shoe. As, the beach is very calm and is the less crowded beach. The beach is covered with the palm trees and white sand. The water of the beach is clear, like the crystal stone. Many water sports can also be enjoyed there like swimming, sailing, water skiing and boating are some of the sports which are enjoyed there. The calm breezy atmosphere makes it more beautiful. It is the best beach of Daman and Diu, because it is less crowded and can be fully enjoyed.

    ZAMPA GATEWAYZampa Gateway

Zampa Gateway is the landmark sign of Diu. This gateway was made in the medieval era. As it is the entrance to the Diu. The walls have different style of carvings on which various things are made. There is the beautifully designed monument around this gateway, which is known as chapel. It is made in 1702 AD. It is the main ‘Daman and Diu tourist place’.


Devka Beach is located in Daman. The beach is very famous among tourist and is very beautiful to compete with the amazing beaches. There is the amusement park near that beach, which also can be the place for enjoyment, as there are some musical fountains also. The beach has many rock, because of that water sports are not available. There are food stalls, with different cuisines. There are many palm trees under which you can enjoy the volley ball, with friends.


The lighthouse is built in the Daman fort, which is made at the time of Portuguese. This fort is made in the area of around 30,000 square meters. The main motive to make this fort, is to protect from the enemy. The lighthouse is fully used, to give the signals to sea vehicles. The view of this lighthouse is beautiful, especially at the time of evening, when lights are on and it reflects on the fort. It best places to visit in Daman and Diu.


Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple is situated 3 km away from Diu. It is the pilgrimage spot of Hindus. As, this temple is purely dedicated to Lord Shiva. In the temple there are 5 Shivlingis, which are made by Pandavas. This temple is somehow located at the sea shore, because of that shivlings are washed with the waves of sea. The temple is in the shape of Cave. This place has the large importance in Hindu mythology.



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