Nagaland is situated in the North eastern part of India. The state is also known as The Falcon of the World. Don’t miss any “tourist places in Nagaland” to get the full enjoyment of Nagaland tourism. It became the complete state on 1st December 1963. This state touches the border of Assam, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh. One of the international border also touches this state, i.e. Myanmar. Hornbill is the very famous festival celebrated here. The dress of this festival is very different and beautiful. There are many beautiful valleys, hills, forest to see. You will get the scenic beauty of rising sun. Some of the adventurous activities can also be enjoyed there, like rock climbing, campaign, jumping, trekking and hiking. Tourist places in Nagaland are:


places to visit in dimapur

Dimapur is one of the largest city of Nagaland. This state was officially, inaugurated in 1997. The word Dimapur means, ‘The City of Great River’. It is situated at the height of around 260m, above the sea level. This city is the commercial hub of Nagaland. It is the well-known tourist places in Nagaland. Many beautiful architectural monuments, majestic waterfalls, dense forest calm lakes can be seen there. The people who love history, can explore their knowledge of Nagaland from here. Places to visit in Dimapur are:

  • The Kachari Ruins
  • Chumukedima Village
  • Dimapur Jain Temple
  • Nagaland Zoological Park
  • Diezephe Craft Village
  • Sumi Town Baptist Church
  • Triple Falls
  • Science Centre


places to visit in mon

Mon is situated at the height of 898m, from above the sea level. Here you can see the tribal people, in their beautiful dresses and can see the rich culture of them. The people use feathers, for decorating their heads, tattoos are made on faces and many other unique things which they are wearing. Assam landscapes are clearly visible from this town. The scenic beauty of Mon is just stunning. It is one of tourist places in Nagaland. The visitors can explore their shopping also, as the people of Mon are very good artist. Places to visit in Mon are:

  • Veda Peak
  • Naganimora
  • Shangnyu Village
  • Chui Village
  • Longwa Village
  • Chenloisho Village


places to visit in kohima

Kohima is the capital of Nagaland. It is known as the hilly capital of this state, as it is fully covered with hills all around. This is the second largest city of this state. Women’s can buy Naga the jewelry from here. Very much interesting and unique culture, scenic beauty, unpolluted environment and the hospitable people makes this, as the remarkable tourist places to visit in Nagaland. It is situated at the height of around 1,500m from above the sea level. People who love to do trekking, will surely like this place. If are on the Nagaland tourism, then don’t miss this city. Places to visit in Kohima are:

  • Dzukou Valley
  • War Cemetery
  • Japfu Peak
  • Khonoma Village
  • Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Kohima Museum
  • Kohima Zoo
  • Kohima Cathedral


places to visit in kiphire

Kiphire is situated on the border of Myanmar. It is having the highest peak of Nagaland, which are known as Saramati Mountain. It is the beautiful picturesque spot, where these mountains are wholly covered with the cloudy snow, in full twelve months. One of the best tourist places to visit in Nagaland. This district was formed in 2004. Many of the adventure seekers love this place. In Kiphire there are many different types of tribes are living. Places to visit in Kiphire are:

  • Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Caves of Salomi
  • Saramati Peak
  • Caves of Mimi
  • Wawade Waterfall
  • Sukhayap


places to visit in Mokokchung

Mokochung is the cultural capital of Nagaland. It is also known as ‘Land of Pioneers’. This is the home of AO Naga, tribe. If you want to relax your mind, best place of Nagaland tourism, because of having the scenic beauty of mountains, where you can listen the sweet sounds of birds and streams, running from the mountains. As, it is the cultural capital, so you will get to see many churches and other religious places. The festivals are celebrated with the full enjoyment of people. Places to visit in Mokokchung are:

  • Langpangkong Caves
  • Changkikong Range
  • Fusen Kei and Mongzu Ki Caves
  • Mokokchung Village
  • Changtongya
  • Longkhum Village
  • Ungma
  • Chuchuyinlang Village


places to visit in phek

Phek became the well-established district of Nagaland in 1973. It is the hilly area, with many types of flora and fauna on it. There are many hills, waterfalls, lakes, wildlife and other things to see. Most the area is covered with the evergreen dense forest. Various spellbinding scenic views can be seen there. Places to visit in Phek are:

  • Shilloi Lake
  • Zanibu Peak
  • Dzudu Lake
  • Peripheries of Pfutsero Town
  • Pfutsero
  • Khezhakeno Village


places to visit in wokha

Wokha is the third biggest town of Nagaland. This is situated at the height of around 1,968m, from above the sea level. It is known as the ‘land of Plenty’, because of having large number of minerals, fertile land and also many unique flora and fauna. The people of Wokha are very hospitable. This place is very much famous for its handmade shawls. If you want to eat organic fruits, for that it is the best tourist places in Nagaland. The fruits are grown with the organic methods, rather than using pesticides. Pineapple, oranges, plums, banana and many other fruits with are grown here. Places to visit in Wokha are:

  • Doyang River
  • Mount Tiyi
  • Baghty Valley
  • Tehurang Valley
  • Chubi River
  • Doyang Hydro Project


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